All You Should Know About Teeth Whitening In 2015

All You Should Know About Teeth Whitening In 2015

1. Introduction

Tooth whitening is the process of lightening the color of your teeth. It is a common belief that white teeth makes you to look younger, which is true. There are different methods of tooth whitening and you should fully understand what you will get from each method. This does not mean that your teeth will be sparkling white but they will be brighter. Teeth whitening do not remove the surface of your teeth but only removes the stains. Your teeth can be stained on the surface by the food and the drinks that you take. Smoking can also stain your teeth. Join us as we go through the process of tooth whitening and smile more.

2. The Rise In Popularity Of Teeth Whitening

Brief History Of Teeth Whitening

For teeth whitening to become effective, it has taken a lot of years to perfect the methods used. The methods that were used in the past were crude and would harm the teeth and the gum. For instance, 4000 years ago, Egyptians used a whitening paste which was created from pumice stone and vinegar wine. It was effective but it was damaging the teeth and vinegar acid would seep in and cause the teeth to rot.

Urine contains ammonia which is a bleaching agent and Romans would rub it on their teeth to remove stains. Later people started visiting barbers who were experts in whitening the teeth. They would file the teeth and then apply whitening acid. This method would whiten the teeth but erode the enamel.

Teeth’s whitening was not a popular thing 20 years ago. This is because proper technology had not been invented and people could only visit the dentist when they were in pain. The technology has improved and people have received the right information. Now you will get whitening toothpaste and whitening solution that will suit your teeth and your budget.

Why It Is Popular Now

Today, people are now cautious about their oral health. The desire to have a beautiful smile is also a reason why this method is popular now. The time is over for you to hold back a smile just because your teeth are darkened. Most whitening solutions were not effective 20 years ago. Technology has made it possible for you to carry out teeth whitening processes even at the comfort of your home.

There are in-home whitening kits which are now popular and very effective. Most people are opting for this method as it saves them the trouble of being stuck in traffic on the way to visit a dentist. Also, it saves money. It is better to consult a doctor before you choose any method of teeth whitening.

3. Teeth Whitening At Home

Long gone are the days that you were required to set an appointment with the dentist for teeth whitening. Now it is possible for you to carry out teeth whitening at your home. There are many home whitening kits that are available. These kits include strips and paint-on whiteners. The effectiveness of each method depends on the amount of whitening agent they contain.

Also you can use whitening toothpaste. They don’t affect the color of your teeth but they will help to whiten them. You can use the best whitening toothpaste to maintain your teeth after professional whitening as well. Before choosing any method it is better that you consult with your dentist.

Benefits Of At Home Whitening

  • It’s portable. You don’t need the dentist chair to use at-home whitening method. It is possible to carry your whitening strips in the office or while travelling.
  • Saves on cost. When you visit a dentist you will get whitening products at around £270 while you can buy over-counter products at £3 to £70. You will also spend money while visiting the dentist. By using at-home whitening, you will be saving about £440 per session.
  • It is convenient. This method is good for you as you can carry out the whitening process at any time and at any place. This method does not take much of your time. Whitening strips are only intended for five minute use, just like brushing or flossing.
  • A wide range to choose from. There are numerous whitening accessories that you can choose from. You can choose from strips, paint-on products and whitening trays.
  • Results. Studies have shown that the perfect way to maintain your whitened teeth is by using at home bleaching products carried out for a given period of time. Dentists are recommending that people who have darkened teeth should continue using at-home whitening accessories for up to 12 months for good results.

What You Should Know

How you use these methods affects the results that you get. Seek dentists advice so that you can know how you are supposed to use the products and for how long. Over use of these products can harm tooth enamel and irritate the gum tissue. Also, after using the whitener for too long, you can get undesirable bluish hue or chalky whiteness on your teeth. Start at-home whitening after dental hygienists prophylactic cleaning. After whitening keep off from beverages or food for several hours.

4. Medical Procedures For Whiter Teeth

The process of teeth whitening does not give healthier teeth but gives you brighter and whiter teeth. You will feel more confident and even smile more after undergoing teeth whitening. There are two types of teeth whitening: bleaching and use of whitening pastes.


Bleaching removes the stain on the surface of the teeth and those that are deeper. It changes the color of the enamel. You can go to a dentist who will take care of bleaching or you can do it yourself at home. Chemical carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is commonly used for bleaching.

Dentist Bleaching

The dentist usually combines bleaching with a laser or light so as to speed up the process. It does not take only one visit to the dentist so as to have your teeth completely whitened. In every visit you may take 30-60 minutes. So as not to harm your gum, the dentist will use a gel or shield before putting the bleaching agent. The concentration of bleaching agent used by the dentist is high as the dentist can monitor the progress.

At-Home Bleaching

Dental treatments for whiter teethThe dentist may also make you a mouth piece that will fit in your mouth. This mouth piece contains gel that has the bleaching agent. The concentration in this is lower than in-office gel. The dentist will give you instructions on how to use the mouthpiece and for how long.

You can also get bleaching agents that are sold over the counter. This is similar to what the dentist gives you. The concentration on this bleach determines how long you are going to use the product.

You can find a mouthpiece or a strip to put over your teeth.
Bleaching will work well for brownish teeth, but may not work for grayish-hued teeth. It may have some side effects as your teeth may become more sensitive but this will end after the treatment is over.

Whitening By Using Paste

You can also whitening paste if you don’t like the bleaching method. You will use toothpastes that use a rough material that scrapes off the surface stains and whitens the teeth. This kind of toothpaste is known as whitener and its mission is to restore the tooth’s surface color by removing the dirt and debris. It usually takes time but it is preferred if your teeth are slightly stained.

It is better to understand that whitening will not be permanent. Some substances will accelerate the rate at which your whitened teeth stain. Avoid smoking and be cautious while taking some beverages such as coffee.

5. The Cause Of Stained Teeth

A lot of money is spent every year for brighter and whiter teeth. The awful yellow and grey teeth stains affect your social life. It requires more than just flossing, regular brushing and visits to the dentist in order to get brighter teeth. Most of us don’t know how the stains got there and it would be better if we understood what causes stained teeth.

  • Smoking. Tobacco products contain nicotine, which is left on the teeth when chewed or smoked. After smoking, nicotine leaves a brownish deposit which slowly seeps into the tooth structure and causes discoloration.
  • Poor oral hygiene. Staining is caused by not taking care of your teeth. We use our teeth for different purposes such as eating. When you fail to brush and floss your teeth, plaque begins to form at the surface of your teeth and on the gum line. After sometime, the plaque hardens and turns in tartar which gives your teeth that yellowish color.
  • Type of food that you eat. The enamel is porous, meaning that food such as coffee, red wine, and foods that contain dark pigments are easily absorbed into these pores. When you eat this type of food and take these drinks for long they cause permanent discoloration.
  • The following types of food are known to cause teeth stain: tea, coffee, beets, red meat, soy sauce, dark-colored sodas, tomato sauce, berries and orange juice. Acidic food such as vinegar and citrus fruits erodes the enamel.
  • Inheritance. Some of you don’t smoke and take good care of our teeth but still you find that your teeth are stained. Some causes of teeth stains are genetic. You don’t inherit stained teeth but you can be born with thicker and whiter enamel or a darker shade.
  • As age advances. After shedding the milk teeth, we get teeth that are permanent. They undergo wear and tear after a long usage which causes them to be dull and discolor. Just below the white enamel, there is a yellow dentin that starts to show when enamel wears off.
  • Injuries and grinding. Teeth can become dark in color or stained when they have an injury. When they are injured, the nerve inside the tooth can die and blood from the pulp appears on the enamel. This makes your teeth become yellowish or browned. Due to stress, people grind their teeth by gnashing. This can cause micro-cracking in the teeth and cause the biting edges to darken.

6. Cheap Solutions For Stained Teeth

Teeth are not meant to be milky white but no one wants a yellow smile. You don’t have to spend much to have a beautiful smile. There are plenty natural teeth whitening home remedies that will make teeth whitening easy. You don’t need to visit a doctor or use chemical solutions so that you can have a beautiful smile. Let’s look at these cheap methods.

  • Floss your teeth. Many of you will agree that flossing is not easy for you. Dentists will tell you that flossing is better than brushing. For teeth saving results, floss twice a day and by flossing you will remove the stains between your teeth.
  • Coconut oil pulling. This is a simple process, cheap and harmless. Take a tablespoon of pure, coconut oil and swish it in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. During this time, move oil through your mouth by pulling it through your teeth. Spit out the oil and then rinse your mouth with water. Drink 2-3 glasses of water after.
  • Eat strawberries. Strawberries contain malic enzyme and vitamin C which whitens your teeth. It also has astringent which remove the stains on the teeth. Smash strawberries and use them to brush once or twice per week for positive results. You can also eat strawberries but chew them slowly to be effective.
  • Orange or lemon peels. The acid in these peels will clear the stains on your teeth. This acid can wear off your enamel and so it is better to rinse after using this method. Also you can mix half a cup of water and hydrogen peroxide and water and swill it in your mouth for a few minutes.
  • Baking soda and lemon. For this home remedy, the chemical reaction of citrus of lemon juice and baking soda will do the trick. They are more effective when combined and you should use them once a week to avoid wearing of the enamel.

7. Recommended Solutions For Stained Teeth

Extrinsic stains and intrinsic stains are actually treated differently so it is better to consult with your dentist before you choose any method of whitening the teeth. Common practices include flossing and brushing, and visiting your dentist so that you can have bright teeth. There are stubborn stains that require professional methods to remove them. Among these methods of removing teeth stains include teeth whitening, using porcelain veneers or micro-abrasion for the perfect solution.

Teeth Whitening

How to get teeth clean and shinyThis treatment takes about an hour and that is why it is preferred by many people. Also, it is recommended by professionals as it gets rid of stubborn teeth stains fast. This method is not for all and hence you require consulting a professional dentist before going ahead with this method. The dentist will have to examine the condition of your teeth and check for gum disease, tooth filling, tooth decay before carrying out laser teeth whitening.

You can also buy over-counter products for teeth whitening or dentist recommended take-home kits. They are cost effective but they will take time before the results are visible. Take-home kits are stronger and better than over-counter products as you will have dentist supervision.


If your teeth stains are caused by fluorosis it is recommended to use this method. The process includes polishing away the tooth stains using a mixture of pumice and hydrochloric acid. This method removes a thin layer of teeth enamel, exposing whiter and brighter teeth.

Porcelain Dental Veneers

This is a very fast method of giving you white teeth. Instead of removing the stains, you can cover them with porcelain veneers. This will dramatically transform crooked teeth, stained teeth or chipped teeth to bright teeth. You can go for a complete mouthful cover or go for few porcelain veneers to cover the areas that have stains. These porcelain veneers are stain resistant but it is better to minimize on foods and drinks that can stain them.


8. Myths About How To Get Whiter Teeth

People have different theories concerning teeth whitening. Some of methods that your friends will recommend to you will not work and at times will damage your teeth or gum. It is better to consult with your dentist to get the right information about teeth whitening. Before you go to the dentist, learn about teeth whitening myths here.

  • The strongest whitening Gel is the best. The stronger the gel the faster the process of whitening. However whitening effect will not last for long and it is likely to cause pain and sensitivity. You can get the same results if you use whitening gel with lower concentrations and you teeth will be safe and the effect will last longer.
  • UV can speed up the whitening process. There is no proven study that UV light will speed up the process. Don’t use it as it will harm your teeth, lips, eyes and gums with its rays.
  • Whitening is for all. Though we all need bright teeth, whitening should not be done for all people. Children who are below 16 years should not undergo tooth whitening. For some children the process can be safe but it will damage the live tissues inside the teeth of some of them.
  • All whitening methods are similar. There are different methods of teeth whitening such as strips, trays and whitening toothpastes and they are not the same. The chemical used may be the same but their concentration is different.
  • Whitening is permanent. Don’t be disappointed when you undergo teeth whitening and one year later your teeth are stained. Are you going to stop eating, drinking after teeth whitening? Absolutely not, while you are exposed to coffee and wine your teeth will be stained. The best solution for this is to undergo other whitening when your teeth are stained and maintain good oral hygiene after professional teeth whitening.

9. Great Solutions For Teeth Whitening

Whitening Gel

Whitening Gel will work for you whether you are trying to whiten all of your teeth or some. Home teeth whitening gel are better for you as they are affordable and you can use them at any time. So as to enhance your smile, consider purchasing these gels and at a price that you can afford.

While you are using teeth whitening gel, it is better to apply it regularly. Follow the instructions that are given on the whitening gel. If your teeth have dark stains it is better to use the whitening gel more until you get the expected results. These gels are affordable as they go for £20 to £60. You can afford to buy these gels over the counter or get them from your dentist.

Medical Methods

When you go to a dentist for teeth whitening solutions, you will be sent a putty to make an impression of your teeth. The impression is returned to Smile Place to make dental trays. They will make the concentration depending on your teeth discoloration and you will be required to wear the trays for two hours each day.

  • Philips Sonicare goes for £129. Philips says that they have new sonic electric toothbrush which is clinically proven to significant reduce coffee, tea, tobacco stains for whiter teeth. You will get positive results after using this method for 28 days; also it will improve gum health and remove more plaque than normal brushing.
  • Whiter Than White goes for £99. This promises to make eight shades of teeth whiter every time. You make an impression of your teeth on putty and then send it to them to make you a tray. They put 20 pc or 11 pc carbamide peroxide and you have to wear the tray for 40-60 minutes twice a day.
  • Theramed Perfect Express White Intensive Toothpaste, £3.99/one week course. This is whitening toothpaste that promises positive after one week. Brush twice a day three minutes each time for one week. This toothpaste is recommended for tobacco, red wine, tea and coffee stains. There is a whiteness shade chart that is supplied to help you monitor your progress.


best tooth whitening solutionsA study has shown that people who have brighter teeth are more successful. This can be attributed to the fact that these people are more confident and have high confidence when smiling or talking.

You can join them by going for teeth whitening.There are different factors that cause our teeth to be stained. Some causes can be prevented while others are not preventable. You should maintain your oral health by flossing, brushing and visiting a dentist. Get the right information on teeth whitening and seek professional advice before choosing any method. This is the time for you to smile more and be more confident with teeth whitening.

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