How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

From the olden days people have taken good care of their teeth. There is unwritten rule that you should smile while talking to people or giving a speech. There is a great relationship between smiling and the color of your teeth. I know that you would not like smiling and exposing stained teeth that are yellowish. You must be willing to pay the price to have a beautiful smile.

There are cheaper methods that are effective. Today the methods that are used to whiten teeth are simple and safe. Many years ago teeth whitening were taking place but the methods used then were cruel and dangerous. These methods have been improved and you don’t need a specialist to have sparkling teeth.

Today teeth whitening are a basic requirement for all people. Once it was a practice that was carried out by people who were in the royal family. Due to advertisement and people getting to know the advantage of maintaining their oral health, now we take good care of our teeth. There are professional methods that are carried out by the dentists and there are methods that you can carry out yourself.

The cost is different for different methods of teeth whitening but most of them are affordable.

Teeth Whitening Done By The Dentists

Teeth whitening can have different effects on your teeth. The type of whitening chemical that you use can make your teeth to be sensitive. So as to avoid having bleached gum and chalky white teeth you should consult a professional.

Teeth whitening that are done by are usually fast but they are expensive than natural teeth whitening method.

The dentist combines a bleaching agent and a laser to speed up the process. Dentist uses hydrogen peroxide or Carbamide peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is stronger and dentist uses it because it is fast and they can monitor the progress.

It may take a one trip to the dentist for your teeth to be completely whitened or several trips depending on how teeth are stained. One trip can take 30-60 minutes. Let’s look at several whitening technique that dentist use.

Surface Whiteners

These products aim on removing the surface stains. It contains abrasive products which makes it possible for them to whiten the teeth. These products remove stains that are not very deep and they are mostly chewing gums or toothpastes. They are like normal toothpastes but they contain finer abrasive products. They don’t cause excessive teeth wearing as their only purpose is to remove stains that are found on the surface. The dentist will determine which method to use depending on the color of your teeth.


This method is used when the stains are deeply stuck. They use peroxide; which is a bleaching agent. These products are very effective and they can even change the color of the teeth maybe from yellow or grayish to bright white. They may not work for all tooth discoloration. If you have a tooth filling ,crowns, root canal treatment then you should go to a professional dentist who will give you teeth whitening that you deserve.

Tray Based Whitening

A gel is put in a tray that contains chemical that is used to whiten the teeth. Within a period of two weeks your teeth will be totally brightened. The concentration of peroxide on the gel depends on the kind of stains on your teeth.

In Surgery Whitening

More concentrated peroxide is used here and heat is applied so as to speed up the process. After this process the dentist can give you trays that you can use for a period of time for complete whitening.

The best thing to do here is to main your teeth so that they don’t become yellowish again.


How much does it cost to clean teethThe cost that you will use will depend on the dentist you choose and the type of whitening that you choose to use. The factor which determines the cost that you are going to incur is the type of whitening that you choose.

For over counter products you can spend from £4 to $35 to purchase one. They are less effective and sometimes they may contain high level of peroxide which is dangerous for your teeth.

Instead of buying product over the counter you can get take-home product from a doctor. These are more expensive but they are effective. They go for £140 to £280.

In-office whitening is even expensive but they take little time to complete and give very good results. They cost about £180 to £550 and they are advanced such as laser whitening.

Pros And Cons

These methods are guaranteed to work compared to natural methods. If you are busy person these methods are better as it will only take you about an hour. Home whitening methods requires a person who is ready to get their hands dirty and if you are not kind of a person then you can go for these methods.

These methods may not be for all people as they are expensive. Also there is an age limit of those people who can use these whitening methods.

Teeth Whitening Through Home Remedies

If you cannot afford to pay for the above stated methods or you like the nature to take care of itself then you can use these remedies.

These methods may take time to give you positive results but most of them will work for you. These methods need commitment and they need to be done regularly.

Use Of Fruits

Eating healthy helps keep teeth goodThere are some fruits that which will remove the stains on your teeth. These fruits include strawberry, orange, lemons and citrus among others. Some of these fruits contain Malic acid which cleans out the stains.

You should not overuse these fruits as the acid contained in the fruits can erode the enamel.

You can use the peels or juice of these fruits. Orange and lemon peels can be rubbed gently on your teeth and the acid on them will whiten your teeth. These fruits also contain calcium and vitamin C which makes the teeth to be healthy.

Use Of Hydrogen Peroxide Together With Baking Soda

You can still apply these chemical at home without dentist’s instructions. You need to check that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is at 3%. You can use these two as a mouth wash and make sure that you rinse your mouth carefully after using them.

Using Charcoal, Salt And Tree Twigs

the cost of tooth cleaningYou don’t need a doctor’s prescription to use these items. Mixing charcoal powder with salt and using is to brush your teeth will brighten your teeth.

Just make sure that you don’t use salt too much as it is not good for your gum. Using tree twigs from neem or banyan tree will be good for your teeth.

Pros And Cons

The best thing about these methods is that they are readily available and cheap. Also they are cheap and you can apply them right at your home. You can use wrong products when you don’t have the right information. These products will harm your teeth instead of brightening them. That is why you should see a dentist if you develop any complications.


Teeth cleaning are everybody now, not like the olden days when it was for the royal family or a few years ago when it was meant for Hollywood actors. There is an extent of how much your teeth should be whitened. The best thing about whitening done by dentist or carried out at home is that they are known to work. They will give you results that you are expecting they both complement each other.

After having a professional whitening then you can use home whitening methods to maintain the whiteness. Always maintain good oral health and visit dentist regularly so that you can solve dental problem before it becomes too complex.

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